Get Cooking @ The Owl Cafe

Another successful ASD Teens in the Kitchen Night

The Owl Cafe in Carleton Place

This week everybody was busy learning four new recipes. The night started off with a group effort making two different flavours of chicken wings, BBQ and breaded parmesan. The group then learned how to make homemade macaroni and cheese. Tonight’s vegetable was squash, which not everybody was excited about, but the group all learned how to prepare and cook it. Desert was a delicious Apple Betty. While dinner was cooking the group got to make and decorate shortbread cookies, which will be saved for a holiday treat plate. Each week the group makes one cookie or square and they will be combined into desert platters for the holidays for each person to take home. The best part of the night was getting to sit down and eat their own culinary delights. What a wonderful group effort put forth by the teens and parents to accomplish so much in only a few hours.

For more information, cost or to register please contact Suzanne Ford at (613) 721-1500 ext. 219 or email or visit our CONTACT page.

Location: The Owl Café and Meeting Place, 135 Bridge Street, Carleton Place



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